Relational Cosmos

Relational Cosmos

The Relational Being perspective has its roots in a scientific reframe which recognises the reality of an information field that shapes energy into matter, and links all subsequent behaviors of that matter.

While much of our focus is on the directly human-engaged aspects of this New Reality, the information field is present throughout the universe. 

This has challenging implications for the relationship between humans and other scales of existence.  We are midway between the smallest scales (e.g., quantum consciousness) which are present in our view of embodiment, and the largest.  How does information at the level of Universe affect us?

A few areas are included here as illustrations or conjectures about what may be possible.

Relational Science

The Science of Possibility is a readable but thoroughly grounded exposition of the evidence for the new reality, from biology, psychology, genetics, evolution and physics, with metaphysical and philosophical framing.


Often when people hear the word “astrology”, they think of daft newspaper horoscopes which just relate everything that happens to a person’s birth sign. 

Of course, it can’t be as simple as that, and isn’t.  That is why it is so easy to dismiss. But what if there’s more?

In an information-driven universe where everything stands in connected relation to everything else, what if the position and movement of the planets exert an influence?  And what if the mythologies that people have projected into the images of star clusters in the sky represent something deeper in the patterns of our individual and planetary relationships to time and space?

If there are patterns, these will show up in the data. A truly scientific perspective demands that we should look at that data.

Astrology is complex, with multiple simultaneous, possible influences.  A pioneering worker on the statistics of correlations was Michel Gauquelin.  An overview of his work can be found here.

A more recent work, linked to on the image here, is worthy of close examination.  Readers will draw their own conclusions, but Pam Gregory is as far from trivial as you can get, and I see much in it that bears thinking about.  So I include this topic despite the potential that people may dismiss it, and me along with it.  A “new reality” calls for some radical reframes.   

The Template

Living in a Connected Universe

Since the information field is present through all of creation, it has to be considered possible that there is communication from beyond our planet that may be available to us.  The Template re-presents us as expressions of energetic geometry, consciously resonant with the unfolding forces of creation.

What if We are Not the Centre?

Before Galileo, we believed the Earth to be at the centre of everything.  Even now, our viewpoints are human-centric.  What if it is time to re-imagine ourselves in a way that is proportionate to the cosmic size, and as small, connected components of that whole?

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"It is only in interactions that nature draws the world."

“[W]e must accept the idea that reality is only interaction […] Once again, the world seems to be less about objects than about interactive relationships.”

— Carlo Rovelli

“Consciousness is relational in every sense.”

“There aren’t solid entities with fixed localities in the universe, there are only relationships between things and relationships are not things. They are in the spaces between things."

“It is impossible to overrate the importance of context because nothing at all exists in isolation. It only ever exists in relation to other things."

— Iain McGilchrist


What does Spirituality mean to you?  Have you had a spiritual experience?

Whatever your own answers, human beings have engaged in prayer, direct connection to the spirits of nature, mysticism, spiritual healing, psychic knowing, etc., throughout our existence. 

The information field makes all of these experiences possible and meaningful and takes them out of the realm of fantasy or mental aberration.  Conventional science has a huge gap in it. 

One aspect of our relational existence is with this nonordinary, nonmaterial reality.  We operate in a location between our body-mind and an exterior realm of communication, potentially guided from both within and without.  We are also as active and creative participants in the flow.

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