What We Mean by Mindsets and Lenses

“Live as if you are completely connected."

Ways of Seeing

Spiral Dynamics

Spiral Dynamics is a supremely comprehensive model of socio-psychological behaviour and development, underpinned by embodied aspects of neurobiology.

It is deeply relational in its recognition of our adaptive relationship with our world and has powerful tools for organisations and individuals alike.


We think of reality as fixed, outside of us, and not something we can choose.

What if none of those things are true?  What if reality is fluid, both inside and outside?  What if you have influence over it?

To learn more about that new reality, and how you truly can choose... 

Psychism/ Intuition

Everyone has intuition

We are all born with the ability to connect intuitively. Then we are educated to shut down and reject it.

I can help you to re-awaken that capacity and develop your ability to use it.  I have been doing this for 30 years. If you would like to learn how ...


Humans have many types of intelligence.  While IQ, intellectual or cognitive intelligence, may come first to mind, in Relational Being we focus on three others:

Emotional Intelligence (EQ)

Physical / Embodied Intelligence (PQ)

Spiritual Intelligence (SQ) 

Access to Possibility book

Creating Reality

This is where you engage intentionally with the flow of creation.  This is NOT the "Law of Attraction".  Because it is Relational, it isn't only about you.

It's more effective because you are not pushing against the flow and it is easier for your intentions to be supported.

The book tells you how.  Simply.


People from all eras and all cultures describe spiritual experiences. In the relational context, which presents the information field as the "mind of the universe" available to everyone, all potential frames, whether religious or not, can be validly included. 

In Relational Being, spirit is everywhere, and we are free to choose whether, and how, we engage with it

Layers of existence

The diagram on the flip is a simplification.  There are perhaps 27 layers between quarks and galaxies. 

Our human perspective embraces many of them.  We may commonly think of those from cells to species, but we also easily acknowledge atoms and solar systems.

All of these layers have their own descriptors and rules and each contributes to the whole.


In a universe evidently guided by a field of information, there is a big gap in understanding of how that may be encoded.  Since most of science has not recognised the information field, it has received little investigation.

There are some strong indications that frequencies are part of the answer.  There is a little indicative information offered here.


Throughout creation, all that exists is contained by something at a higher scale.  Each has its own wholeness, and is also a part or component.

At each scale, the character of what exists is affected by its relatedness to what is within it and by what contains it.  The information is nested and inherited in either direction up and down the layers. 


The body is mind all over.  We are not merely "embrained".  Our somatic systems retain embedded information and express our thoughts and feelings.

Our postures express our being, as grounded or pushovers, keeping a stiff upper lip or getting hot under the collar.  We are liverish, pissed off, broken-hearted, scared shitless, spineless or upstanding.

We are our bodies. 

Holistic Health

If we were to engage with wholeness in our health management, we would see our spirit, mind, emotions and multiplicity of body functions (organs, meridians, circulation, diet, neuroendocrine ...) in a complete and interconnected way.

All aspects would be understood as connected and interrelated.

Spirit in nature

To a shamanistic culture, spirit is present in everything.  This is not primitive, animistic, or childlike magical thinking.  It represents an awareness of the information field in all of creation. 

This awareness brings applications to healing and to our understanding of relationships in the information field.

Relational Economics

Our money systems are fragile, inequitable and dysfunctional. 

The system is a reflection of us, our attitudes and the past thinking from which it arose. 

A comprehensive and four-quadrant shift involving both attitudes and systems is required.

It is about the money, but even more about how we relate to it.

Metaphysics, Meaning-Making and Quantum Reality

The facets that this section refers to have many overlaps.  Humans operate by making meaning of the world.  We do this consciously through cognitive processes, and unconsciously both through our pattern-sensing and by absorbing meaning via education, culture and others' influence.

The constructs you use to make meaning are a personal subset of options.  What aspects of the world are important to you?  Those choices frame who you are.  Some of our constructs, such as what is real/unreal, what are time and space, are the subject of metaphysics.  Metaphysical choices condition how science is done and they also define who we are and who we are seen to be.

Quantum physics concerns the smallest scales of energy and matter.  It deals with the boundary conditions where energy waves may or may not be understood as particles of matter.  Since reality may be both, or either, depending on what apparatus we use to detect it, fundamental definitions of reality are not fixed.  Reality is defined through relationships between things, by how the world encounters us and in our view of those things, including what we see ourselves to be.  Our existence in this fluidity is Relational Being.

What Matters?

What matters to you?  These facets should not be viewed as a complete list.  It is a personal choice which of them are of interest or importance to you.  

At the same time, fragmentation, disconnection and lack of relatedness are at the core of the competitive and self-centred short-termism which has brought us to ecological, economic, political and climate instability.  Between us, we need to join the dots of connectedness, and stitch together our wounded world.  That is important to all of our futures.

From the viewpoint of life as a whole and the health of the planet, all of them present valid ways to see our existence and offer different ways to apply what we know in practice.  All of them matter to the completeness of our map of reality and all of them are part of the wholeness we need if we are to deal with the metacrisis. 

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