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Once, everyone believed that the Earth was at the centre of the cosmos.

Now, we humans see ourselves as the centre of creation.  This destroys our relatedness.

We must replace fragmentation with wholeness.

Wholeness is not oneness.  While fully connected, it is differentiated.

It is a multi-layered, all-scales perspective in which everything links to everything else.

Including you.

Who You Be

Discovering and living from a new reality is a gateway to profound change in how your life works.

You are more than you think you are.  There are multiple levels to your existence and each of them arises from a mix of how you define yourself and how you are defined by the world around you.

When you recognise and engage with the richness of that reality, there are new potentials for development, generation of possibilities and harmonised flow of your life.



The material world



Your place in time


In Others

How they see you


In Systems

Records and data



In Our Body-Mind

Who I Be

Since 1980, I have been engaged in intentional learning about myself and my relationship with the world.  In parallel I have had a career in business, written books and developed specific expertise in the Spiral Dynamics model of human existence.

I am an arch-generalist in an age of specialists.  This breadth has been essential to my pathway towards deep understanding of how our universe truly functions, and how that determines what it is for us to live in it in the best possible way.  I deliver this knowledge as a mentor and coach to organisations and individuals.

In inviting you to “Live from a New Reality”, I am setting a bold challenge.  Since my first psychic experience, it has been clear to me that the science I was trained to believe in is misleading and limited.  That led to my book The Science of Possibility, in which I present the compelling evidence for an alternative and show how this Other Reality works.

This website contains many entry points into the application of the new understanding, how it affects what is possible for you as an individual, for our human collectives and organisations, and for the planet and universe we inhabit.  It offers new ways to Be, to engage in our relationship to all aspects of existence and to become the future we desire.  

So what are the “bottom lines”?

  • You can transform the way that you operate in the world, flowing with it to create more of what you want.
  • You can see the world in a new way so as to be less thrown off balance and less emotionally impacted by how it is.
  • You can learn the tools and techniques that will amplify your effectiveness.

Relational Organisations


Living Systems


What can you achieve when you connect everything to everything else, flexibly, fluidly, where functionally required, and only for as long as is necessary?

Systems need to be adaptive to internal shifts and external pressures.  Whether you are dealing with companies, cities, public service organisations, all operate best when able to continually adapt to change. 

If you think it's all about what you want, you are disconnected.
If you believe you have no influence, you are disconnected.
Relational Being is co-creative, potent and in the flow.
What will you create?

You are the Experiencer and the Experience

Relational Systemics

Here are four areas from a relational perspective.

Each of these examples presents interconnection and complexity.  All are living systems with internal dynamics that respond to exterior circumstances.

Each operates on multiple scales and each is affected by human choices and attitudes.  In turn, each of them affect us.  Each reflects an aspect of energy flow through human activities.

At the scale above, all of them impact all of the others. 

Such systems cannot be top-down managed or controlled.  Only by facilitating new and deeper relationships driven from their own systemic, adaptive intelligence can we survive and thrive.


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