Tier 2: What does the "Leap" call for?
Part 2 - Turquoise and Living Systems

In the first free webinar we engaged with the shift in ways of thinking and being that are essential for us to integrate and rise beyond Tier 1 dynamics. This included a systemic perspective on our material complexity.

It brought us to the boundary of life on Earth, and the challenge of including people, organisations and society as living systems with their capacities for self-organisation and autopoiesis. 

These aspects of Second Tier will be the subject of a second free webinar planned for mid-November. If you registered for the first session you will be automatically informed. 

If not, using the link below you can register for notification of this new webinar and its recording, as well as access to the recording of the first session.

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Tier 2: What does the "Leap" call for?

In Spiral Dynamics, the stage transitions from Beige through Green give way to something different at the Tier 2 boundary. There is a reason why Clare Graves used the expression "momentous leap".
In this webinar I described and explained what is so different, and why it has not been easy to grasp the shift in mindset that is involved. 
The recording is now available to those who registered, or who register for the follow-up.

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