Relational Being

Relational Being

Individually we tend to think that who and what we are is determined from inside – that we define ourselves.  This is only half of the truth. 

What we are is also created by what the universe sees us to be.

We operate in a relationship to myriad layers with varying degrees of freedom, from fixed to fluid, continuously reshaping and reinventing ourselves, and altering aspects of our exterior.

What Does This Mean?

How We See Ourselves and the World

We construct our worldview and it changes, sometimes a little and sometimes a lot.

This worldview drives our decisions and our choices.  We may adapt ourselves to the world/others or we may seek to control it/them.

How do you sense the flow of the world?  How do you interact with it?  What if you could be part of the flow, neither controlled or controlling? 

The Universe is a Living System

The unrecognised scientific reality is that the world is not only material.  Beneath that, it is shaped by information, in continual change and flow.

We are embedded in that information flow, shaped by it and shaping it.  Being sounds like something static and passive.  When you fully BE, you are an active participant.  To live as if you are completely connected means entering in to a collaborative unfolding.

Keys to Entry

When you think of yourself as matter, you can only interact at a physical level.  Your sensing and awareness of yourself and the world are limited.  You have a sixth sense, a seventh, and more.  We speak of gut-feel and instinct but we make our conscious mind the boss.  It is not as clever as it thinks.


You can also know and sense the exterior through INTUITION.  The information flow is directly accessible.  This is a natural capacity that you can learn and develop.


In addition, you are EMBODIED.  Your body is aware of itself and its interior needs, as well as subliminally detecting the exterior, including other people.

Live as if you are completely connected.

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