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Our world’s third area of trapped thinking

As humanity evolves our thinking matures, or should do.  

The three major areas where our thinking systems are slow to evolve are :-

1.  Science and Spirituality, where we have not escaped the conflicting views of dogmatic religious systems and stuck scientific materialism

2.  Money, where we are caught in wrangles between traditional moral economics, money-dominated corruption and anti-capitalist backlash.   These two are the subject of other pages.

3.  Viewpoints on sexuality and relationships have shifted massively in many countries in recent decades.  Even so, there is still much restriction, prejudice and inequity.  More than this, sexual existence is still commoditised, people are objectified and the expectations are still strongly influenced by the views of churches, governments and collective stereotypes for what makes for healthy relationships and sexual expression.  There is deep fear of our full potency, affecting all areas of our lives.  

This page is a placeholder for work that I have engaged in over many years.  The book shown here is not yet published, and may never be.  Even so, it represents my wish to make a contribution to a more open-ended, gender-politics free and non-prescriptive approach to how we may live and love.

Even with all the new freedoms and apparent openness, sexuality is still contaminated by confusion, guilt and shame and still subject to prurient interest. Parents largely cannot be open with children, who are growing up with a commoditised and mechanical view of sex based on pornography.  The impact of suppression in creating successive generations of child-abusers to an extent only now being recognised, cannot be over-estimated.  The sacredness and innocence of sex is destroyed when it contaminates the sacredness and innocence of childhood.

For as long as we fail to create a natural, wholesome, heart-based, caring and open expression of human sexual energy, we will continue to struggle with the full expression of human creativity, dynamism and compassion.  Sex is arguably our most powerful drive.  Until we can engage with it in openness and freedom, its expression will be corrupted and distorted and we will fail to master it.  As is now the case, it will continue to master us.

I would like to play a part in changing this.  In due course I will do so.