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What would it take to live in contentment with money, economics and capitalism?

Capitalism’s design is obsolete.  We know that money systems are not delivering happiness, sustainability or stability and need to respond to basic questions.  What has to change for us to be happier?  What does it take to create a healthy and sustainable relationship with money in tune with its original purpose – supporting human personal, business and commercial interactions?   This book examines:-

1. our personal attitudes and emotions about money

2. our collective beliefs and illusions about money

3. the ways that those attitudes and beliefs have driven personal and organisational behaviour

4. how they shaped the systems that we have built to operate money and how these systems have become so obviously inadequate to our needs.

The result is a joined-up presentation of how we can change and how our systems can support that.  It results in a set of proposals that are intended to support the redesign.


Money may not be the root of all evil, but whatever problems you see in the world, money creates major blocks to solving them.

Our money systems were built for earlier, simpler times and for different values and mind-sets.  They no longer meet humanity’s needs

It can appear that this system is the best we can design, since communism, the last attempt at a different one, was such a massive failure.

What if we really could do better?

My book “Reinventing Capitalism” describes how we broke money and offers proposals for how we fix it.

The Crowdwisdom project is a way for us to construct something new, and to lay out a transitional road map “from here to there”.