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"As brave and as comprehensive an attempt as I have yet seen to put science into spirituality and spirituality into science.

Like Freeman, I believe that at some point in the future we will all realise that these two "polarities" intersect in consciousness."

Richard Barrett: Author “The Values-Driven Organisation”


I just received your book The Science of Possibility.    It is much more than I thought it would be -- quite profound, well researched, full of insights.

Dr. Don Beck, Co-author “Spiral Dynamics” and “The Crucible”

The answers can be seen consistently and coherently through the lenses of biology and physics in a way that also aligns with all that sages, shamans, mystics and healers have described and practiced for centuries.  They also reflect into the way that we view our reality, how humans behave psychologically and in society.  The picture as a whole is seamless, coherent and practical.

Scientists and mystics inhabit one world, not two.  The book’s perspective is both scientific and spiritual.  Its power lies in showing the gaps in current science where the non-material and spiritual aspects of creation can mesh with “hard science”.  It reveals the restrictive partial truths that material science offers and replaces them with a more complete and truthful view of genetics, evolution and human biology which presents an ecology of being.  In offering a way out of the quantum cul-de-sac it provides a different perspective on the physical form of matter and the cosmos.

The nature of consciousness, of an information-connected universe and of our human abilities to interface with it offer a new potency to humanity, an empowered and satisfying way to create new possible futures.  This message is timely, coming when humanity faces the challenging complexities of ecological, political, financial and resource unsustainability.  It offers a key to unlock our ways of thinking and being so that we can find our way into that future.

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Science.   Consciousness.  Spirituality.  Alternative Medicine.  Metaphysics.   

What if almost everything that you have ever learned, experienced or been told about our world has been skewed, misaligned and misunderstood?  What if our ways of perceiving who we are, what the world is and how we relate to it are somehow inside-out and back-to-front?   This book goes beyond the many presentations of an “everything is energy” view of reality.  The real question is what causes energy to form the patterns that it does?  What connects it all together in the ways that we experience?