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Reinventing Capitalism

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Money: Tool not Master

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From Complexity to Possibility  -  Simply

Science is conceptually flawed, corrupted and has tunnel vision.  It detects what is solid and physical.  It cannot detect information, choices, memories, fields, relationships, consciousness or patterns of perception.  Its progress is now hampered.

What we believe and how we think

determine who we are

Humanity is trapped in a materialist view of reality.   How does this show up?

Organisations became stuck in processes, seeing humans as interchangeable, treating the planet as a resource  and placing profit ahead of purpose.

These thinking systems and the structures they engendered now prevent adaptability and sustainability.  

Money has become a master of our existence instead of a tool for our use.  We have come to think that we can “make” money when the truth is that we can only make things and relationships.   This has messed up our heads and our economic systems , trapping both businesses and nations in dysfunction.

Relationships and sex  have swung from religious constriction and Victorian values into commoditising and objectivising people and sexuality.  These attitudes polarised men and women into opposite sexes rather than different genders.   Happy relationships and joyful sex cannot be created from these mind-sets.   All areas of our lives are deprived of our deepest creative impulses and potency.

The world is complex, but there is a simplicity the other side of the complexity if we elevate our point of view.

This is the Simplexity perspective.